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Guild Wars (PC)
Akiko Nakata's Avatar Image
Akiko Nakata Level 20 Dervish

“Dervish' own :) ”

Guild Wars (PC)
Protector Kagero's Avatar Image
Protector Kagero Level 20 Monk

“55 monk~ my first one ever ^_^ ”

Guild Wars (PC)
Yuna the Loved One's Avatar Image
Yuna the Loved One Level 20 Assassin

“my first character ever~ ^_^ also my main! ”

Diablo II (PC)
God_of_windXxX's Avatar Image
God_of_windXxX Level 90 Druid

“windy druid ^^~ fun little guys ”

Diablo II (PC)
Necro_philia's Avatar Image
Necro_philia Level 90 Necromancer

“My best necro yet :) ”

Diablo II (PC)
Ttrrissttrramm's Avatar Image
Ttrrissttrramm Level 80 Sorceress

“blizz sorc ^-^ originally made to trist~ i changed my mind and trained her ^__^ ”

Diablo II (PC)
xXDeadly_vipaXx's Avatar Image
xXDeadly_vipaXx Level 89 Assassin

“my main ^-^ ”

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FireBird said...

“xXyunaXx is a Fine Roleplayer. Guild Wars rules, and xXyunaXx plays it, so there!”